Flower like a flower, When there is an end, accept it with joy !

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Everybody knows that where there is birth, there is death. And when that death comes, it will come. They say no, the time has come, it does not go away. Fear makes a person weak. Fear produces adverse chemicals in the body. It has bad effects on the body. That is why we have to face life’s crises with courage. Here the power of human mind is useful.

Eknath Maharaj’s own sentence… The person who has the sword of death hanging over his head constantly lives in reality. I think, to run away from reality is to make life artificial. Things happen. We just have to be careful without fear. Man invites many diseases due to fear. That is why it is important to face the crisis without fear. One thought… ..

After all, the rose tree I planted had beautiful flowers. I thought, the flowers look beautiful on the tree. So she didn’t break them. But still, without accepting this fact, man keeps on bragging about many things.

Which is of no use. That is why the ultimate truth of our life is death. And it is coming at the appointed time. Then why should we waste our time for fear of it? Everything here is fleeting. So what exactly is the sauce? When a person accepts the reality of death, he becomes strong in mind. Therefore, unnecessary fear does not remain in the mind.

He who understands the reality of life also learns the technique of living. Every beauty in the world has an end. That is why it is important to wear out. It is important to be useful till then.

When there is an end, he too should gladly accept it. Because the ultimate truth of life is death. And it is definitely not in our hands. But life is definitely in our hands. Therefore, we should live as happily as we can.

Don’t push yourself into the pit of despair today by thinking of tomorrow’s death. If you can look at life with your eyes open, you can actually live.

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